Austin Barlow Pennington, President and Founder of Barlow Builders, graduated from Battle Ground Academy and Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Being a third generation developer and builder, Austin found his passion through both his father and grandfather. With over 15 years of personal experience, Austin constantly pursues to lead the way in home building innovation. His hands-on approach keeps him in the field on job sites to ensure excellence. He has nurtured mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, and real estate agents enabling Barlow Builders to consistently obtain premiere lots, acquire new land development projects, and deliver a top quality product. Austin continues to lead his team in providing clients with quality home building, design, and service.

Barlow Builders has built more than 150 homes throughout Middle Tennessee, which some are Nashville’s most high-profile homes that required the highest level of skill, attention to detail, and professionalism. Barlow Builders is committed to bring that same standard of excellence to each and every project.

Since its inception in 2006, Barlow Builders has grown steadily, primarily expanding into the high-end residential land development category. As a growing organization, the company will continue to grow by building outstanding new homes and the acquisition and repositioning of high-end residential developments.

As a significant sign of great leadership abilities, Pennington has grown the company to include 14 full-time employees including supervisors, architects, and office staff, many of whom have been with Barlow Builders since day one.

Question: How do you help ensure that client expectations are being met?

Austin: It sounds simple, but the first step is to slow down and listen to what they need, then define the goals and expectations in the beginning. It not only establishes expectations, but also a rapport that makes for a better home building experience. Once the building process is moving along, regular check-ins from all parties are critical for meeting deadlines and keeping projects on time and on budget.

Question: Favorite room in the house?

Austin: The kitchen! I feel that the kitchen should always be open and connected to a casual dining space. Kitchens are where everyone congregates, and if designed properly, make for a great entertaining space.

Question: What is your most treasured possession?

Austin: My great-grandfather’s hand tools. They’re from the ’20s and a great reminder of my family’s history.

Question: What do you wish you could do without?

Austin: Email. I would much rather have a face-to-face meeting.

Question: When did you know you were interested in building homes?

Austin: When I was younger my grandfather and I would drive through neighborhoods and he would teach me about all the different design elements of each house. He would have me guess the style of whatever home we were driving by, be it English Tudor, French, Colonial, etc. I quickly became aware and started recognizing design details wherever I went.

Barlow Builders is currently building homes in 8 residential subdivisions throughout Green Hills, Brentwood, and Franklin, Tennessee. Visit or call 615.376.1680 for more information.